Mountain Sailing

The first thing I noticed about Colombia were the mountains–peaks reaching straight up from the ocean beyond the clouds. How I’ve missed the mountains.

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Aruba: Island Civilization

“OH SHIT!” Allen exclaimed just as I was dozing off beside him at the helm. I immediately snapped up and dittoed “OH SHIT!” The entire sail was rapidly settling into the sea.

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Celebrities In Curaçao

We dress in our formal Gémeaux shirts since nobody onboard has the requisite roman numerals in their name to don a blue blazer. Our parade of boats enters in formation.

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Who Paints The Lighthouse?

Always anxious to explore a remote corner of our natural world, our first stop is a tiny, flat desert island with a white sand beach, five huts, and a lighthouse.

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Rally Time!

5:45am presents a beautiful orange daybreak in Curaçao. It is our last. Today is the day we have been waiting for…the official start of the Suzie Too Rally.

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Meet Allen

So Allen wants his own blog. If you’re one of our readers who wants to prevent a failing emergency hatch or curious about what a fo’c’sle is, welcome!

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We’re Back! Passage To Bonaire

I have a love/hate relationship with passages. I love being away from civilization, surrounded by a blank canvas of sea that rekindles my soul. I hate the lack of sleep.

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The Life Of Dot

When your beloved pet is sick, those Caribbean sunsets stop taking your breath away and just mark another day of hurt. At the base of St. Lucia’s majestic Pitons, we laid Dot to rest.

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Date Night

The guidebook said it was a sketchy town—a tourist had been held up at gunpoint a year ago. We left the cell phones and wallets locked on the boat and climbed into the dinghy to explore.

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Îles De La Petite Terre

The French Carribean island of Guadaloupe is shaped like a butterfly. About 10 miles off the bottom of its right wing lies a piece of heaven.

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Cat On Cat: Rough Seas

I do not like rough seas
I do not like them at all
It’s frightening I can say that
It’s no place for a princess cat

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Hurricane Wrath

There was little information on the current state of Barbuda following the hurricane. Many speculated so much sand had shifted that navigation might indeed land you aground.

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Bus #17

Bus #17 is what the locals take to get to their jobs. Mamas take their babies and laborers take their tools. On this hot, humid day, we took bus #17.

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Antigua: Going Ashore

Entering Jolly Harbor after 14 days of being at sea is like seeing a rainbow after a storm. We’re giddy, but also apprehensive about re-entry.

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We arrived in mainland Europe in August 2022 and have been on a fast pace to cover 1200 miles from Portugal, Spain, Corsica, and Sardinia to arrive in Sicily by October 1st. We we will leave Gémeaux for the winter while we return to CA and then resume sailing in the spring of 2023.

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