Following more discussion about why the GPS alarm rang, we finally let the mystery remain a mystery and took the dinghy to shore so we could hike.

This was our first excursion with the new outboard to “ride” the dinghy up on the beach. As the beach drew closer and our attempts to raise the outboard did not, we headed back to Gémeaux to read the manual.

You know, if all else fails, follow the instructions. Second attempt to land was a success and we hiked up the island of St. Barts, which gave us a panoramic view of the Ile Fourchu bay below, the island’s capital of Gustavia in the distance, and even St. Martin far away on the horizon. We cooled off with a swim and snorkeling and headed back home to St. Martin. Speaking of home, I decided Gémeaux will become home when three things happen–

  1. The salon table is no longer a work bench.
  2. We stop referring to he did this and he uses that when talking about the original owner as though we are borrowing his boat; and
  3. We go through an entire day knowing how everything works.

Later I would realize that the salon table always will host a variety of projects and there will always be something new to learn. This is how home is redefined.

Dotting the shoreline of St. Martin is one super yacht after another, including the Maltese Falcon, a high tech square rigger with about 20 sails–an impressive sight! Gémeaux’s AIS serves as our personal Wikipedia for identifying boats and all their facts and figures.It keeps up constantly entertained. We delay our return to the civilization of a marina and instead anchor in the north end of Grand Cas, where we can dinghy to Calmos, our new favorite bar that we discovered with Matt and Cara, which is situated on the water’s edge…literally on the edge–water laps at our feet as we enjoy margaritas on the picnic tables.

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