I need to introduce our dear friend and partner in all crime and adventures, Jim Moore, who joined us on this first trip to St. Martin as new boat owners. For those of you who haven’t had the honor, Jim’s a former captain for American Airlines, loves adventure as much as we do, is one of the nicest men on the planet, and knows as much as Allen Roberts (or at least can present a great case of his infamous MSU).

There are many things I adore about Jim, not the least of which is his ability to entertain Allen. Jim and Allen share the same addiction for all things electronic and can analyze incoming weather or the threads of a bolt for hours, and often, for days. It takes the heat off me after I reach my two-minute maximum of Allen’s report on the exciting new hydraulic steering. Jim has an open invitation on Gémeaux and anyone who’s name practically rhymes with the name of our boat, gets his own stateroom.

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