It’s 6:00am. The light of the new day and cacophony of distant roosters wakes me. I can tell already that I will be an early riser in this new life. Last night’s storm left a beautiful arrangement of deep gray puffy clouds now trimmed in pink and orange as the day breaks. A special gift of a rainbow colors the sky. Neighboring anchored boats are quiet; every once in awhile I notice a soul sister as still as I am—drinking coffee and taking in the morning. I’m curious about her story and wonder if we’ll meet sometime in our journeys.

Allen joins me just as the sun begins to rise. He catches me up on all the world events based on his 3am New York Times read–fast becoming a nightly habit. Human interest stories, politics, and almost always some new report about our new president that generates much discussion and reaffirms our decision to be far far away. Our little biminy café provides a glorious view of this island paradise and a refreshing breeze. But mostly what I notice so different from our traditional morning newspaper ritual is the conversation. Silent reading is replaced with lots of discussion, learning, sharing, and laughter.

Corporate jets begin flying overhead, super yachts arrive, and the sun is guaranteeing another hot, humid day in this tropical nirvana. Time to start the day.

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