Shiera has been doing a great job on documenting our adventures, but I thought I could add some interest by documenting what we are learning about Gémeaux. While I’ve owned a number of boats in the last 50 years–beach catamarans, ski boats, houseboats, river running rafts, this boat has lots of new things to learn and challenges to solve. Perhaps things that I have learned could help others, perhaps others could help me learn more as well! In the last two years I have tackled steering/autopilot issues, toilet issues, air conditioning, windless problems, sail problems, and on and on; the list seems endless.

We bought Gémeaux after she had two owners. The first had done a great job outfitting the boat and eventually sailing it from Europe to St Martin. The second owner was very short lived, and apparently only sailed the boat a couple of times. After purchasing Gémeaux, we made a list of improvements that we wanted to add, mostly for creature comforts. This included a generator, air conditioning, washer/dryer and chartplotter at the helm. We also replaced the steering system. This batch of changes we had done at Just Catamarans in Florida. With that intro, I’ll try to plunge into things I would like to share about our boat.


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