Farewell Hrvatska

A we sail by Dubrovnik’s walled city for one final look, I realize I can now pronounce doviđenja, but my heart has a hard time saying it.

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Boat Fire

Fifteen minutes later, we noticed smoke on the eastern horizon. Flames were engulfing the boat that was well on its way to being submerged.

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Italy Is A Size 16 Boot

After nearly 20 hours of sailing, we are STILL making our way across the southern toe of the Italian boot. The heel of Italy always seems out of reach.

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Cat on Cat: Return to Italy

After being cooped up in an apartment, I was excited we were returning to life at sea.  That was until my parents shoved me into a box for 15 hours.

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Into The Med: Eat Fast!

So, here it was August 15th and we’re in Gibraltar – how do we get to Sicily 1000 miles away by October 1st…and still see the sights?

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Crossing the Atlantic ✔️

So low on the horizon, the first rays of sunshine shot across the ocean, igniting only the limestone cliffs in a golden blaze. We had officially made it across the entire Atlantic Ocean.

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Charm of the Azores

Six islands in six weeks–here’s what we discovered about these stunning remote Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. There’s a lot to cover but we guarantee the Azores will be on your bucket list after you read this.

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Racing Alex Across The Atlantic

As we wait for a 2-week weather window to sail from Bermuda to the Azores, tropical storm Alex debuts in Cuba. We hoist the spinnaker in 12k of wind and watch land disappear from the horizon. Next stop is Horta—1800 miles away as the crow flies, but we aren’t a crow so it will be longer.

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The Voice of Bermuda

We fell in love with the country 30 miles before making landfall. Typically just a brief stopover for boats making a trans-Atlantic voyage, Bermuda is often undiscovered by fellow cruisers. We had the luxury of a week to explore this tropical paradise.

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Honeymoon Hot Bedding

I settle into a routine at the helm, keeping one eye on the chart plotter to avoid nearby vessels and one eye on a movie to keep me awake. By 5am, the captain takes over, I go back to bed, and eight days of hot bedding begin.

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No matter how much I love exploring our planet, it always feels good to step off the plane onto U.S. soil. This is my home. Or is it?

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A Bahamian Wrap…Up

The longest I had lived anywhere was five years so it seems fitting to me that a place where I’ve spent the last three sailing seasons feels a little like home.

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Dinghy Kismet

A dinghy is a critical piece of our household and everybody has a story about losing one. We were six miles from shore, seas were choppy, and the sun was bright. It would be a miracle to find the needle in this haystack of an ocean.

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Hunt For The Hippocampus

I’ve been searching for an underwater critter since we began this journey. It lives in the sea but is a terrible swimmer. It’s considered a fish but doesn’t have scales, a stomach, or teeth. The female of the species is in charge…

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Salt-Free Passage to The Bahamas

We take in a final sunset and slip under the covers before we launch into a 5-night sleepless passage. Two hours later, adrenaline turns us into night owls and we exit in the dark. Next stop Abaco…750 miles away.

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We arrived in mainland Europe in August 2022 and covered 1200 miles across the Mediterranean. We left Gémeaux in Sicily for the winter and are now back onboard exploring Croatia and Greece for the spring and summer of 2023. 

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