There’s a cat onboard Gémeaux!

Life has been a little lonely since losing our beloved Dot in 2018. Her stories are still scattered throughout our blog and you can read the joy and adventure she brought to us in The Life of Dot. As we continued to wander the planet, we visited shelters and cat cafés and hugged every golden retriever along the way. We got a lot of furry fixes but none joined the manifest…until we met Zemi!

Zemi hails from The Bahamas and came aboard Gémeaux in the fall of 2020 just a week after we arrived in the islands for the winter. Covid limited air travel so we expected to be on Gémeaux for the next 6 months, making it a perfect time to acclimate a pet. We rescued Zemi from a local shelter on Friday the 13th and quickly gave her a local name that represents good luck. With only 8 weeks of life experiences, Zemi adjusted quickly to boat noises and a floor that constantly moves. She’s playful and curious and loves to cuddle.

It’s not an easy decision bringing pets onboard, especially when you travel internationally and must follow each country’s unique Customs and Immigration policies for pets. Right now, there’s no pet store or access to Amazon. Zemi needs shots and a health certificate before leaving the country and the veterinarians cannot travel during this Covid lockdown. Still, it’s all part of the adventure and we know we’ll figure it out even if it means collecting sand from the beach to fill her litter box.

We hope you’ll enjoy Zemi’s adventures as she continues Dot’s tradition of telling her version of being a boat cat. Look for her Cat on Cat posts throughout our blog as she wanders the planet with us.

I have to mention that our other critter had to stay behind. One of us in particular is quite sad about it but we decided in the end that it was too much to ask of an aging dog. Shasta, now 14, is doing great in California!