Further Mainsail Improvements

I watched a webinar that featured a solution to chafing and creaking reefing lines by using a hook that grabs the clew of the sail and holds it without tension on the reefing line. Now how to get that on Gemeaux?

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The Quest for More Power

Converting to lithium batteries nearly tripled our available power. I just didn’t realize the installation process would be so painful.

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Quest for Bubbly Water

We consume lots and lots of soda water. Buying and storing soda water in cans/plastic bottles, and even refilling a SodaStream machine, wasn’t working for us. We needed to up our game so I learned how to build our own carbonator.

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Mainsail Headaches – The Rx

A couple of years ago I outlined some issues on our boat’s mainsail that caused some headaches for us. This post is an update to that and how we solved the issues.

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Helia Mainsail Headaches

One complaint we have with the Helia is the mainsail. The combination of the square top and the roach provide extra sail area for the same mast height but complicates the hoisting of the sail.

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Escape Hatches – Recipe For Disaster

A catamaran, unlike a monohull, can overturn and not return right side up, prompting manufacturers to include escape hatches to exit an upside down boat. All this is well and good until the lens detaches from the frame…

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Allen’s Boat Corner

While I’ve owned a number of boats in the last 50 years, this boat has lots of new things to learn and challenges to solve. Perhaps things I’ve learned could help others, perhaps others could help me learn more.

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Meet Allen

So Allen wants his own blog. If you’re one of our readers who wants to prevent a failing emergency hatch or curious about what a fo’c’sle is, welcome!

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We arrived in mainland Europe in August 2022 and covered 1200 miles across the Mediterranean. We left Gémeaux in Sicily for the winter and are now back onboard exploring Croatia and Greece for the spring and summer of 2023. 

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