So Allen wants his own blog. This is a man who just last week accepted my daughter’s Facebook friend request from 8 years ago, who teases me about having three Instagram accounts, and snubs how Facebook cat videos are constant entertainment for me. He has never played Words with Friends or posted a selfie. He uses three phones and has an electronic portfolio that would be the envy of any super yacht. He has dozens and dozens of phone apps–mostly providing a different view of weather and the New York Times to keep him connected to civilization.  But, he remains steadfast in his belief that social media is not for him. Until now.

In the quest to share his innovative solution to leaking escape hatches (see Destination to Antigua)Allen has created an impressive network of what I like to call Hatchlings. These are people across the planet who, through Allen’s outreach and brilliant problem-solving abilities, understand why certain emergency escape hatches on catamarans fail and want to prevent this life-threatening situation from happening on their own boats. They have requested information, shared stories, asked questions, and received Allen’s kit–2 custom-made aluminum bars, 4 bolts, 1 tube of specific adhesive, and a partridge in a pear tree. They have created Allen’s entrée into social media and without question, justified his request to continue sharing through his own blog.

So if you’re one of our readers who wants to understand this whole hatch problem, dissect the benefits of ac versus dc power, or curious about what a fo’c’sle is, welcome! You’ll find Allen’s posts under his very own Allen’s Fo’c’sle. Enjoy!

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