Destination: Ft Lauderdale

Just as we returned the barracuda to the sea, the other line raced. The crowd roared! We successfully landed a 15lb red snapper! Gémeaux once again was a fishing boat.

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Destination: Turks And Caicos

Our first big passage-a 1500 mile journey broken into two one-week segments from St. Martin to Ft. Lauderdale. Here’s the ship’s log for the first leg.

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Birthday Adventure

When my friend and I couldn’t find a date to celebrate her birthday in CA, naturally the only solution was to celebrate on Gémeaux in the Caribbean!

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All In A Day’s Work

The bay at Grand Cas catapults to the top of our favorite places as a dinghy delivers fresh, hot croissants on this early morning. Goodbye gluten-free diet.

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When Is Home Home?

The dining room table will always be a work bench. There will always be projects, always something new to learn. This is how “home” is redefined.

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Midnight Alarms

Sound asleep just past midnight, the alarm rang notifying us that the boat had moved. Had we drifted out to sea, into another boat, or crashed into the rocky shoreline?

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Climbing the Mast

When two of the three crew suffer from severe acrophobia, there’s no question who will be charged with climbing the mast for any repairs.

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Securing The Mooring Ball

Today I learn how to attach our sailboat to a mooring ball. Simple enough. Little like threading a needle in the wind while standing on one leg.

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Quiet Mornings

The light of the new day and cacophony of distant roosters wakes me. Last night’s storm left an arrangement of gray puffy clouds trimmed in pink and orange. I will be an early riser in this new life.

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Wait…There’s Moore!

There are many things I adore about Jim, not the least of which is his ability to entertain Allen. They share the same addiction for all things electronic and can analyze the threads of a bolt for days.

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We arrived in mainland Europe in August 2022 and have been on a fast pace to cover 1200 miles from Portugal, Spain, Corsica, and Sardinia to arrive in Sicily by October 1st. We we will leave Gémeaux for the winter while we return to CA and then resume sailing in the spring of 2023.

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