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50 Shades Of Gray

Snowshoeing across Antarctica is a barren landscape. You take away wildlife, plants, even rocks, and you are left with a monochromatic landscape as far as the eye can see.

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More Projects

The risk of 70 feet of steel falling on the ground or onto the boat was too much to watch. I hid in the closet with the cat.

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Barefoot With A Wool Hat

Until this week I couldn’t take off enough clothes to stay cool. Now, just following Hurricane Harvey, I cannot steal enough body heat to stay warm.

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Meet the Parents

Every parent wants to know how their children are doing. On day two when my dad announced he wanted to go for a swim, I was certain he would never reappear.

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The Perfect Boat Person Is…

…An organized workaholic. That makes us a good team–I’m organized and Allen is a workaholic. Or rather, Allen’s a project-aholic, as perfectly illustrated by our salon table.

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Night Watch Is Like Childbirth

My head hurts as I try to process the steps I must take to avert a potential collision. Stay strong, stay awake, the baby, er, the morning is almost here. I’m never having another baby EVER. 

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The Land Of Ma’am

Our first glimpse of land are antebellum mansions, each with their own dock. The scorching weather, however, keeps any sign of humanity indoors so our arrival on this July 4th is quiet.

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Sea Artist

In an instant, the clutter of civilization is behind us and we are surrounded by a canvas of blue as far as the eye can see. The endless view of water and sky is both boring and awesome.

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Wandering Underway

When I grow up I want to wander the planet and photograph and write about women. That’s been my dream and today it began.

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Where We Are

Headed North! Expect to be in Annapolis MD through the end of June while we travel around the country to visit family.

Where We’re Headed

We’ll leave The Chesapeake Bay at the end of June and continue north to Maine for the summer!

Where We’ve Been

San Blas Islands Panama

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