I do not like rough seas
I do not like them one bit at all
I do not like to pitch and roll
Dang! I hit my head on that stupid pole
I’m a scaredy cat, can’t you see?
A princess is what I was meant to be
I should be lying on the sun deck
Perfecting my tan from toes to neck

Rough seas are very bad
It makes me angry with my dad
He promised me sailing bliss
So tell me-why does he sail like this?
I’ve been misled about this life at sea
Help Coast Guard come rescue me!

I do not like rough seas today
I do not like them any day
It makes my tummy woozy and sore
Batten down the hatches and close each door
Ouch! That’s my tail that just got caught
I can’t believe you ruined my favorite spot

I must be quick and find a hole
Hunker down and be like a mole
I do not like the crashing wave
The only dry spot is in my cave
It seems the safest spot to be
At least until I have to pee

I do not like rough seas at all
They make me wobble, tip and fall
These waves are fierce and push us around
Crash! Bang! Boom! is the only sound
It’s frightening I can tell you that
It’s certainly no place for a princess cat

Finally, the storm has passed
The sun is shining–Yay, at last!
I take a peek from my safe cocoon
Gingerly I step and not a moment too soon
A rogue wave may strike so stay close to the floor
Hurry mom open the door!

I’m almost there I can hardly wait
Oh my gosh I hope I’m not late
And there it is just next to the mast
My litter box, thank goodness at last.

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