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Dinghy Kismet

A dinghy is a critical piece of our household and everybody has a story about losing one. We were six miles from shore, seas were choppy, and the sun was bright. It would be a miracle to find the needle in this haystack of an ocean.

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Hunt For The Hippocampus

I’ve been searching for an underwater critter since we began this journey. It lives in the sea but is a terrible swimmer. It’s considered a fish but doesn’t have scales, a stomach, or teeth. The female of the species is in charge…

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Further Mainsail Improvements

I watched a webinar that featured a solution to chafing and creaking reefing lines by using a hook that grabs the clew of the sail and holds it without tension on the reefing line. Now how to get that on Gemeaux?

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Salt-Free Passage to The Bahamas

We take in a final sunset and slip under the covers before we launch into a 5-night sleepless passage. Two hours later, adrenaline turns us into night owls and we exit in the dark. Next stop Abaco…750 miles away.

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Where We Are

In Nov 2021, we made a 5-day offshore passage from Virginia to the northern Abaco islands in The Bahamas. We're now in the Jumentos and Ragged Islands in the southern part of the country.

Where We’re Headed

In January we’ll move north and return to our favorite Exuma island chain until April 1, when we’ll sail to Florida for boat maintenance and to determine our next destination…any guesses?

Where We’ve Been

Maine 2019

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