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Greek Shortcut

It’s just four miles long and 80 feet wide. It joins two large seas and turned an entire peninsula into an island. Its narrow width makes it impassable by most modern vessels, but Gémeaux made the cut.

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Farewell Hrvatska

A we sail by Dubrovnik’s walled city for one final look, I realize I can now pronounce doviđenja, but my heart has a hard time saying it.

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Boat Fire

Fifteen minutes later, we noticed smoke on the eastern horizon. Flames were engulfing the boat that was well on its way to being submerged.

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Where We Are

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Where We’ve Been

Our adventure began in 2016 when we discovered Gémeaux in St. Martin. We explored the Caribbean, Colombia, San Blas, and The Bahamas, as well as the eastern seaboard of the U.S. In 2022, we crossed the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and sailed as far east as Croatia and Greece in 2023.

Where We’re Headed

We returned to our winter marina in Sicily in April 2024 and are now westbound hugging the Mediterranean coastlines of Italy, France, and Spain. We expect to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean in November and enjoy one final winter in the Virgin Islands and The Bahamas. After 8 years of this amazing adventure, we plan to sell Gémeaux and become landlubbers in California.

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