Month: September 2017

Lightning: Friend Or Foe?

There’s no better place to understand weather than in Antarctica–pelting ice blew sideways and 40mph winds threatened to blow us off the mountain. It was the moment I realized how much I love intense weather.

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I love how a day unfolds completely unexpectedly. How your road less travelled turns into one with many travelers. Take today for example–I was sure our sailing adventures were over.

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50 Shades Of Gray

Snowshoeing across Antarctica is a barren landscape. You take away wildlife, plants, even rocks, and you are left with a monochromatic landscape as far as the eye can see.

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More Projects

The risk of 70 feet of steel falling on the ground or onto the boat was too much to watch. I hid in the closet with the cat.

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Where We Are

Where We’re Headed

After 6 weeks in the Azores, we’re heading to Portugal in August and then to the Mediterranean. Tentative plan is to leave Gémeaux in Sicily for the winter while we return to CA. We’ll resume sailing in the spring of 2023.

Where We’ve Been

Allen's Cay in The Bahamas

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