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Cat on Cat

P.S. There used to be a cat onboard this catamaran. Sadly, our beloved Dot died from liver failure during the spring of 2018 while we were sailing in Guadaloupe. She was a fabulous kitty and and put so much adventure into our sailing. Her stories are scattered throughout our blog and well, we’re not quite ready to remove her from our manifest. So, for now, she’ll remain part of our blog to give you a glimpse of her life as a boat cat.

It was not an easy decision to bring our cat onboard. We love our critters but there are many things to consider when sailing with your pet. This, I’ve discovered, after spending nearly $1000 and endless hours on the phone and internet researching how to sail internationally with a cat. And, at the time of this writing, we’re not even sure it will work out…I mean cat and water?? The cat presently is hiding in the closet. But, we’re going to give it a try.

So, meet Dot–she’s a black cat with a white dot on her nose.

Nov 2017 update-outside and doing well!

I trapped Dot back in the day when I was changing the planet by reducing the number of feral cats. She’s been with me through thick and thin and at age 12, Dot agreed (well, not exactly) to be a boat cat. I hope with time she’ll spend less time in the closet and more time wandering the boat. And I really hope she “avoids the plank” and uses her litter box. Stay tuned…we’ll keep you updated on her progress. You can read Dot’s first-hand stories of her boat life under Cat on Cat posts, including Cat on Cat-How Did I Get Here? 


I have to mention that our other critter had to stay behind. One of us in particular is quite sad about it but we decided in the end that it was too much to ask of an 11-year old dog. So, Shasta is manning the fort in CA and awaiting visits from her papa.