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Month: January 2021

The Evaporation of January

January evaporated at a speed faster than my fingers could write. Now, on this last day of the month, we’re safe on Gémeaux in bouncy water too rough to snorkel or paddle board so it’s the perfect day to describe where the month went.

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Puppy or Predator?

I saw something big and gray out of the corner of my eye swim fast at me. Face your danger, they always say, so I drew my legs into my chest and kicked hard with my fins. All the splashing and flailing just obscured my view so I couldn’t see the direction of his next assault. 

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Where We Are

Headed North! Expect to be in Annapolis MD through the end of June while we travel around the country to visit family.

Where We’re Headed

We’ll leave The Chesapeake Bay at the end of June and continue north to Maine for the summer!

Where We’ve Been

San Blas Islands Panama

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