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Helia Mainsail Headaches

One complaint we have with the Helia is the mainsail. It has a square top (the trailing edge of the sail doesn’t meet the top of the mast) and it has a large “roach”. The combination of the square top and the roach provide extra sail area for the same mast height but complicates the hoisting of the sail.

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Escape Hatches – Recipe For Disaster

A catamaran unlike a monohull has the possibility of overturning and not coming back rightside up. Because it is possible for the boat to turn in the inverted position with people inside the hull, European boat manufacturers have required the inclusion of escape hatches which can be used to exit an upside down boat. All this is well and good until the lens detaches from the frame…

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The Trouble with Marine Plumbing…. a Shitty Problem

The toilet is an interesting piece of engineering. It has a macerator to grind up the TP and poop so it doesn’t clog the tank. The toilet also pumps the result to the top of the holding tank. This prevents a hose or toilet problem from dumping the entire contents of the tank inside the boat.  It generally works well unless something other than TP and poop goes in…

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Allen’s Boat Corner

While I’ve owned a number of boats in the last 50 years, this boat has lots of new things to learn and challenges to solve. Perhaps things I’ve learned could help others, perhaps others could help me learn more.

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Where We Are

The Bahamas-click on the image to see our specific location and weather!

Where We’re Headed

To the Jumentos and Ragged Islands in the southern Bahamas!

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San Blas Islands Panama

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